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When we came to the point of picking a daycare, it turned out to be very challenging. It seems like a lot of options out there but surprisingly none of them worked for us!

We were looking for a small "homey" environment for our daughter, where she can get a full attention. Also home cooked meals were a must!

When we came across "Little Europe" on Facebook, me and my wife noticed how happy kids are on the pictures! Then we met Inna and it sealed the deal!

Inna, was very open and we liked her right away! You can tell right away that she LOVES what she does (and how we found out later she is VERY GOOD at it!)

She told all about the daycare. There are kids who speak different languages and bring different cultures which makes this place great for developing communication skills and learning!

We are expecting one more child and "Little Europe" is definitely way to go!

The Malenkov Family, 4.12.2016

I had my daughter be in this day care for around 3.5 years ever since she was five months old. Inna loved her like my daughter was hers, she provided her with one on one lessons and even send food home to help me with my busy schedual. My daughter loved Inna and always wanted to go to the day care, never fussed when i dropped her off. I recommend Inna to everyone, she is truly one of a kind Nanny that I trust with all my heart. Thank You Inna

Karen D. on December 7, 2012

I want to thank the Little Europe for there loyalty and dedication to the children, they have been an amazing help in my and my son's life, the staff here is caring, loving, and patient.

My son has learned so much from attending Little Europe: how to read and write, count, add, subtract, identify shapes and much more.

When I ask my son where in the whole world would you want to go to he would always say: "Inna and Diana!".

Its like his other family! The kids are always having fun and are always busy with different activities there.

I highly recommend Little Europe Care to any and everyone looking for a great place to start your child/children on the right path to success.

Yuryi K. on April 18, 2016

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